Color Assist

This android app assists people with color blindness of any kind with distinguishing different colors using the camera on their phone.

It displays how similar a particular color is to the camera feed by displaying it in shades of grey. The brighter the shade is, the more similar it is.

Android app on Google Play


Whistler is an incremental painting program. Takes a source image and begins painting a copy of it, gradually getting closer to the source image starting from a blank canvas image.

Get whistler here.

Photo credit: Anastacia Gray.

3D Fluid Simulator

A 3D Real Time Fluid Solver based on Jos Stam’s 2D fluid solver (stable Navier-Stokes solver).

Reference: Jos Stam, Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games. Proceedings of the Game Developer Conference, March 2003.

Get 3D fluid here.